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Watch Behind-the-Scenes Videos on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!
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Sustainable and Circular Fashion Clips

There are so many different ways to practice sustainability and one of those relatively simple ways is to learn more about the impact of fast fashion on our environment. Here's a brief, 7-min look into the true cost of fast fashion. Watch now.

Where do you send your clothing and textiles once their use has been exhausted? If you've ever waffled on whether something was too good or too bad to donate to your local thrift shop, here's an alternative that just might be a perfect solution! Watch here.

Much like tossing something in the trash, once it's thrown away we don't necessarily know where "away" actually is. It's the same for returning clothing - once it gets returned back to the retailer, ever wonder what happens to it? Here's a quick video that takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey of returns. Watch here.

Before the internet existed, and then social media, it was easy for fast fashion brands to hide the state of their off-shore factories and the unethical treatment of their garment workers. In this week's short video clip, it shows a look behind the curtain of life as a garment worker employed by unethical, fast fashion brands. Watch here.

Fast fashion brands are actively destroying the planet by using the Earth's resources to quickly over-produce clothing made by men and women who receive unethical treatment. That's why it's so critical to cease financially supporting them and shop more circularly. If you've ever wondered who the biggest culprits are, check out this short video. Watch video.

COP27 is the largest platform in the world where leaders discuss the state of climate change and make agreed-upon decisions on how to effectively battle it. During this meeting, a deal was reached that would compensate developing countries to help them manage the immediate effects of climate change. For those in Somalia and other countries experiencing devastating drought, it's infuriating that fast fashion brands are using nearly 713 gallons of water to produce one single t-shirt when the demand for such a precious resource is needed elsewhere - for much more important matters. Watch here.

Undoubtedly, many, many Americans will be taking advantage of "Free Returns" offers this season, but have you ever wondered what happens to things that are returned to online eCommerce giants such as Amazon? Here's a one-minute video that gives a peek into the process. Spoiler alert - it's incredibly harmful to the environment. Watch here.

If you've ever wondered how frequently your tees should be laundered, here's a guide to help you decide. Did you know that you can extend their lives by turning them inside out before washing them? Read more.

If you're a woman, it's likely that you already recognize the inconsistency in sizing across clothing brands. But, why is that exactly? Here's an interesting video that gives an explanation. Watch here.

If you've ever gone thrift shopping, it's likely you've come across clothing that still had its new, original tags. Did you know that only approximately 20% of clothes donated to thrift stores are resold? Have 8 mins.? Watch an interesting video here.

How exactly are clothes disposed of once they've reached the end of their selling cycle? If you've ever wondered where excess clothing ends up, here's an extremely interesting 3.5 min video that gives just a glimpse into that process. But, where do ours go, you wonder? Not. There. Watch here.

Did you know that fast fashion and textile waste made it on the list of 13 Biggest Environmental Problems of 2022 as determined by There's a heavy lift when it comes to environmental issues, but the clothes we wear is a simple way to make a positive impact. Read more.

Did you know that most overseas factory workers are paid per piece sewn? That keeps them working incessantly at break-neck speeds in order to make the amount of money needed to survive each day. After the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013, killing more than 1,100 people, several brands who outsource the sewing of their clothes to other countries banded together to implement safety practices. For the companies who haven't yet signed that accord, there is a strong campaign to get them to do just that. Read more.

How exactly is the environment impacted by fast fashion brands that produce more clothing than necessary? Here's a short video that pairs impressive visuals with fascinating data. Watch here.

The circular fashion economy is the leading way to ensure a zero-impact experience when garments are produced. Here's a 5-minute video on how some jean brands are creating luxury-level, circular fashion denim jeans from pre-loved denim.Watch now.

It's important to have reminders on why it's so important to avoid supporting fast fashion brands. Here's a great YouTube video that addresses the impact fast fashion is making on our planet. Watch here.

The amount of clothing fast fashion brands churn out on a regular basis is now something the EPA is paying closer attention to. Watch an interesting video from PBS NewsHour on the topic. Watch now.

The overall increase of warm weather globally is something that affects each one of us. The water used for putting out fires intensified by the climbing temps is water that could have been used perhaps to grow crops. One thing it should not be used for is the production of yet more new clothing. Read More.

Did you know that "For the majority of workers in the fashion industry, wages are so low that it leaves them, and their families, trapped in the cycle of poverty"? Read more here.

Did you miss our mention in Reader's Digest on the topic of Upcycling? It's so amazing to be recognized for doing our little piece of good in the world.